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Biocontrol introduction

Target pest: Berberis darwinii (Ranunculales: Berberidaceae), Darwin's barberry

Agent introduced: Anthonomus kuscheli (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Imported: 2013; 2014

Import source: Chile

Import notes: Landcare 2015c - imported adults from Chile spring 2013 and spring 2014; both shipments infected with microsporida.

Release details: Landcare Research (2015i) - releases are likely to be made if still needed after the Darwin's barberry seed weevil (Berberidicola exaratus) is established.

General comments: 19 Jun 2012 – application by Environment Southland to release two weevils; Anthonomus kuscheli and Berberidicola exaratus, as biological control agents for the weed Darwin’s barberry (Berberis darwinii). EPA Application # APP201363, approved without controls 11 Sep 2012. 8 May 2017 - Environment Southland requested an extension on the 5 year time limit to release Anthonomus kuscheli. EPA approved the extension of the time limit for further 5 years on 20 Jun 2017, and approval to release the weevils has been extended until 3 Oct 2022.


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Landcare Research (2015i). Who's who in biological control of weeds? Weed Biocontrol: What's New? 73: 10-11 http://www.landcareresearch.co.nz/publications/newsletters/biological-control-of-weeds/issue-73