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Biocontrol introduction

Target pest: Paropsis charybdis (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), eucalyptus tortoise beetle

Agent introduced: Eadya duncan (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)



Import source:

Tasmania, Australia

Import notes:

Withers (2022) - two female Eadya duncan were accidentally collected in Tasmania, Australia in November/December 2020 and imported into containment at Rotorua, New Zealand along with the target species for import, E. daenerys. Permission to hold them was possible under the Environmental Protection Authority permit, which covers all Australian species of Eadya. One specimen was killed on arrival and sent to USA for identification. The second female parasitised 84 larvae of P. charybdis. Permission from the Ministry for Primary Industries was given to maintain and rear the 72 resulting parasitoid pupae to provide scientific knowledge to support the biological control of paropsine pests in New Zealand. Two E. duncan adult progeny emerged from the parasitised larvae, confirming that P. charybdis is a physiological host for E. duncan, although it does not indicate which paropsine beetle it is targeting in the field in Australia.

Release details:

Withers (2022) - not released.


Withers TM (2022). Offspring of Eadya duncan. Forest Health News No. 310, September 2022 https://www.scionresearch.com/services/science-publications/forest-health-news/online-newsletters/forest-health-news-310