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Collection #131

Collection:Arboretum de Dreijen
Physical address:Arboretumlaan 4, 6703 BD Wageningen
Postal address:Generaal Foulkesweg, 6703 BD Wageningen
Country:Netherlands Show details
Phone:0031 (0)317 467 720
Fax:0031 (0)317 467 738
Email:[email protected]
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Precision of lat/long:1 km
Permanence:The Arboretum (1.5 hectares) was designed in 1895 by Leonard Springer, who was curator and lecturer in landscape architecture and horticulture from 1897 to-1900. The landscape style included lawns, curved paths and dense groupings of shrubs and trees. Another curator, Lousie Baas Becking, later designed a formal garden in a one hectare extension, completed in 1918, that included a pinetum, a pergola and a geometric pond. After the Second World War, a large ecological pond was added which plays an important role in the water management of the entire Dreijen. On the southeast side a system garden and a herb garden were laid out, divided by beech hedges. The construction of a new herbarium building and a large tropical greenhouse in 1985 marked the heyday of the post-war botany in Wageningen. After this point, the emergence of new methods and scientific fields, including molecular technologies, and a lack of resources led to a gradual diminishing of the importance of the collections for teaching and research.
Notes:David Teulon visited the arboretum on 20 April 2018. Found one New Zealand native species, Podocarpus nivalis.
Documents: Plant List for Arboretum de Dreijen, 2018-10-08 Show details
Visit by David Teulon, 2018-04-20 Show details
Plantings: Show details
Site photos: 2018-04-20, Arboretum de Dreijen - Garden view Show details
2018-04-20, Arboretum de Dreijen - Sign Show details
2018-04-20, Podocarpus nivalis at Arboretum de Dreijen Show details
Visits: 2018-04-20, David Teulon Show details

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