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Collection #137

Collection:Botanic Garden Meise
Physical address:Domein van Bouchout, Meise B-1860, Belgium
Postal address:Nieuwelaan 38, Meise B-1860, Belgium
Country:Belgium Show details
Contact name:Frank Van Caekenberghe
Contact role:Assistant Indoor Collection
Phone:32 (0)486/68.27.16
Email:[email protected]
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Precision of lat/long:1 km
Permanence:Botanic Garden Meise is one of the largest botanic gardens in the world. The Botanic Garden dates back to 1796 and comprises 92 hectares with a lot of historic buildings, including a castle with a tower from the 12th century.The living plant collections contribute to the botanical and horticultural research as well as to the education and conservation activities of the Garden.
Description:Annual rainfall is 780 mm. Altitude is 33 m.The greenhouse and outdoor collections together hold nearly 25000 accessions of living plants (about 17400 taxa and 3170 genera) which is about 6% of all known plant species of the world.Well-represented plant families (on the whole outdoor collections) are Pinaceae (43% of extant species of the world), Aceraceae (42%), Betulaceae (39%), Hydrangeaceae (37%), Caprifoliaceae (33%), Cornaceae (31%), Cupressaceae (20%), Berberidaceae (16%), Ranunculaceae (14%) and Rosaceae (13%).
Documents: List of NZ native plants held in Belgium, 2018-04-23 Show details
Visits: 2018-04-23, David Teulon Show details

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