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Collection #138

Collection:Belmonte Arboretum
Institution:Belmonte Arboretum Foundation
Physical address:Generaal Foulkesweg 94-a 6703 DS WAGENINGEN
Postal address:Postbus 311, 6700 AH Wageningen
Country:Netherlands Show details
Email:[email protected]
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Precision of lat/long:100 m
Permanence:Belmonte was founded in the middle of the nineteenth century, by Thierry Juste, baron De Constant Rebecque de Villars. Around 1845, he built a country house in Italian style on the highest point of Belmonte. His father in law bought adjacent parcels of land, resulting in an estate of seventeen acres. The house came into possession of “Het Gelders Landschap” foundation in 1936 but was destroyed in the second world war.The estate was bought by Wageningen University in 1951 and the “Arboretum Stichting Wageningen" was established. In 2012 it was decided by the three founding organisations to set up an independent organisation, the Belmonte Arboretum Foundation to manage the garden.
Description:The arboretum is 10.7 hectares and has 4 kms of walking paths. There are 6,000 species with 7 National Plant Collections. Rhododendrons (850 species) and roses (500 species) are a focus. An interactive map at https://belmonte.arboretumexplorer.org/default.aspx shows the names, location and accession numbers of plantings. There are 2 accessions of the genus Coriaria from New Zealand (2 synonyms entered as well for these accessions).
Plantings: Coriaria pteridoides , 12A (B_12A) Show details
Coriaria sarmentosa , 12A (B_12A) Show details
Site photos: 2018-04-20, Belmonte Arboretum - Garden view Show details
2018-04-20, Belmonte Arboretum - sign with map Show details
Visits: 2018-04-20, David Teulon Show details

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