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Collection #18

Collection:Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens
Physical address:Bullers Way, Abbotsbury, Dorset
Postal address:Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens, Bullers Way, Abbotsbury, Dorset, DT3 4LA
Locality:Abbotsbury, Dorset
Country:UK Show details
Phone:0044 1305 871130
Fax:0044 1305 871092
Email:[email protected]
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Precision of lat/long:100 m
Permanence:The garden was created in 1765 by Elizabeth, 1st Countess of Ilchester. The 4th Earl of Ilchester, William Strangways, sent home plant samples from around the world as he traveled in the course of his diplomatic career.
Description:The garden location is in a valley, protected from the cold sea breeze by the surrounding hills, and by belts of oak and tamarisk. The sandy soil is unique for this area and provides opportunities for horticultural experimentation. The Southern hemisphere Garden contains many species of plants from New Zealand and Australia and also includes the National Collection of Hoheria.
Notes:See also: Plant heritage for National Plant Collections information. https://www.nccpg.com/National-Collections.aspx
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