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Collection #39

Collection:Arktisch-Alpiner-Garten, Walter-Meusel-Stiftung
Physical address:Schmidt-Rottluff-Straße 90, D-09114 Chemnitz
Postal address:Arktisch-Alpiner-Garten, Walter-Meusel-Stiftung, Schmidt-Rottluff-Straße 90, D-09114 Chemnitz
Locality:Chemnitz, Sachsen
Country:Germany Show details
Contact name:Stefan Jeßen
Contact role:Custodian
Phone:0049 371 426895
Fax:0049 1805 0603466022
Email:[email protected]
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Precision of lat/long:100 m
Permanence:The garden area is approx. 2,800 sq. metres (with buildings). It was created by the musician, composer and author of different zoological and botanical books, Walter Meusel, in 1956. After his death in 1990 he left a legacy to encourage musical-literary endeavours and to enable the Arktisch-alpine-Garten to continue along with associated research projects.
Description:This alpine garden is located at a height of 352,5 m NN at the northeast edge of the city of Chemnitz. It contains 6,000 plant types planted on the basis of geographical-ecological-sociological criteria. The accurate data recorded about plant origins make research possible. Alpine plants of New Zealand are included in the the collection.
Notes:Hard to find as it is a private house down a side street with modest signage.
Documents: Arktisch-Alpiner-Garten, Walter-Meusel-Stiftung - Questionnaire, 2006-03-21 Show details
Plantings: Celmisia hookeri Show details
Celmisia semicordata Show details
Colobanthus hookeri Show details
Coprosma cheesemanii Show details
Dracophyllum pronum Show details
Epilobium crassum Show details
Gaultheria crassa Show details
Hebe buchananii Show details
Hebe epacridea Show details
Hebe hectorii Show details
Hebe pinguifolia Show details
Hebe sp. Show details
Leucogenes leontopodium Show details
Myrsine nummularia Show details
Olearia solandri Show details
Parahebe decora Show details
Phyllocladus aspleniifolius Show details
Raoulia haastii Show details
Site photos: 2006-06-06, NZ alpine plants Show details
2006-06-06, NZ bed Show details
Visits: 2006-06-06, John Fletcher Show details

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