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Collection #98

Collection:Adelaide Botanic Garden
Physical address:North Terrace, Adelaide
Postal address:North Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000
Country:Australia Show details
Contact name:John Sandham
Contact role:Collections Development Officer
Phone:0061 8 8222 9368
Fax:0061 8 8222 9301
Email:[email protected]
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Precision of lat/long:100 m
Permanence:The original 16 hectare (41 acre) garden was first opened to the public in 1857. The adjacent Botanic Park (34 hectares) was acquired in 1857.
Description:New Zealand plants are located near the main gate, off North Terrace’s Botanic Road, in a small area near the palm collection and the Nelumbo pond. Most of the collection is composed of spaced, individual plants each with their own accession number and name plate staked in the ground. The trees and shrubs are well established, being up to 10m tall, and in good to excellent condition, with the exception of some showing symptoms of water stress. A collection of approximately 251 individual plants and 113 species is estimated.
Documents: New Zealand plants collection, 2008-08-08 Show details
Visit by Laura Fagan, 2006-09-23 Show details
Visit by Matthew Cromey, 2007-09-21 Show details
Plantings: There are currently 115 plantings associated with this collection Show details
Site photos: 2006-09-23, Collecting samples Show details
2006-09-23, Entrance to garden Show details
2006-09-23, Flax cultivars growing near rose garden Show details
2006-09-23, NZ plants garden Show details
2006-09-23, Squashing leaf samples Show details
Visits: 2006-09-23, Laura Fagan Show details
2007-09-21, Matthew Cromey Show details

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