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Biocontrol introduction

Target pest: Paropsis charybdis (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), eucalyptus tortoise beetle

Agent introduced: Cleobora mellyi (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)


1977, 1979, 1980

Import source:

Tasmania, Australia

Import notes:

Cameron et al. (1989) - approximately 600 C. mellyi adults were imported from Tasmania, Australia in 1977. From these, a few (about 20) F1 adults were reared in the laboratory on P. charybdis eggs. Approximately 400 overwintered adults were imported from Tasmania in August 1979 and improved rearing techniques produced enough F1 adults for releases. In August 1980 a further 400 adults were received from Tasmania.



Release details:

Cameron et al. (1989) - 7,320 beetles were released in two eucalypt plantations near Tokoroa (Waikato, North Island) over six releases between October 1979 and September 1982; 88 at Whakarewarewa (Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, North Island) in 1980; 2,849 at Maori Bay (Marlbourough Sounds, South Island); 200 at Christchurch (Canterbury, South Island) in 1983 and 200 at Rotoehu (Bay of Plenty) in 1987.

Brown (2007 - in Murray et al. 2008) - recent releases of over 3,000 adults and 1350 eggs have been made at 17 sites in the North Island from Northland to Rotorua (Bay of Plenty) in an attempt to broaden the geographical range of C. mellyi.


Cameron et al. (1989) - recovered in the vicinity of a Tokoroa release site in November and December 1981 but not since. However, it appears to have established at Maori Bay, Marlborough Sounds.

Satchell et al. (2004) - specimen found at Havelock (Marlborough Sounds), and plentiful at original Marlborough Sounds release site (Maori Bay).

Murray et al. (2008) - to date no establishments documented from the Brown (2007)-reported North Island releases. C. mellyi still only known to be established close to Marlborough Sounds release site.


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