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Biocontrol introduction

Target pests:

Agent introduced: Chilocorus cacti (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae), Cactus lady beetle

Imported: 1988

Import source: USA (Arizona)

Import notes: Charles et al. (1995) - 60 laboratory colony-reared adults imported with various species of Diaspididae for food.

Released: 1988-1993

Release details: Charles et al. (1995) - 310 individuals released at two sites in Kerikeri (Northland), 118 at one site in Whangarei (Northland) and 147 at one site in Auckland. Released as adults into scale-infested shelterbelt trees and/or woody weeds adjacent to kiwifruit blocks.

Establishment: Charles et al. (1995) - all sites were surveyed in 1993; no C. cacti were recovered, suggesting this species has not established. However, adults may have dispersed widely upon release and established beyond the areas searched.


Charles JG, Hill MG and Allan DJ (1995). Releases and recoveries of Chilocorus spp. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) and Hemisarcoptes spp. (Acari: Hemisarcoptidae) in kiwifruit orchards: 1987-93. New Zealand Journal of Zoology 22: 319-324