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Biocontrol introduction

Target pest: Cytisus scoparius (Fabales: Fabaceae), Scotch broom, broom

Agent introduced: Bryobia variabilis (Acariformes: Tetranychidae)

Import notes:

Harman et al. (1996) - accidental introduction (very likely - see 'General comments' section).


Harman et al. (1996) - first recorded in New Zealand in 1964.


Manson (1967) - specimens have been collected from Raumati (Kapiti Coast, north of Wellington), Christchurch, Wairau Valley (Marlborough), Mapua and Ngatimoti (the latter two in Tasman district, west of Nelson).

General comments:

Manson (1967) - Bryobia variabilis n. sp. is described from New Zealand. This species has only been found on broom (Cytisus sp.).

Harman et al. (1996) - Bryobia variabilis is found only on broom and it is highly probable that it is of European origin.


Harman HM, Syrett P, Hill RL, Jessep CT. (1996). Arthropod introductions for biological control of weeds in New Zealand, 1929 - 1995. New Zealand Entomologist, 19(1): 71-80

Manson DCM (1967). The spider mite family Tetranychidae in New Zealand. I. The genus Bryobia. Acarologia 9(1): 76-123 https://www1.montpellier.inra.fr/CBGP/acarologia/export_pdf.php?id=3636&typefile=1