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Authors: Fowler, S.V., Gourlay, A.H., Rill, R.H. and Withers, T.

Year: 2004

Title: Safety in New Zealand weed biocontrol: a retrospective analysis of host specificity testing and the predictability of impacts on non-target plants.

Citation: proceedings of the XI International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds. Cullen, J.M., Briese, D.T., Kriticos, D.J., Lonsdale, W.M., Morin, L. and Scott, J.K. (Eds). Canberra, Australia, CSIRO Entomology, 27 April - 2 May 2003.

Introductions described:

Cytisus scoparius, Scotch broom, broom
Bruchidius villosus, broom seed beetle
Jacobaea vulgaris, ragwort
Tyria jacobaeae, cinnabar moth
Ulex europaeus, gorse
Cydia ulicetana, gorse pod moth