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Biocontrol introduction

Target pest: Pseudococcus longispinus (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) = Dactylopius adonidum, Dactylopius longispinus, Pseudococcus adonidum, longtailed mealybug

Agent introduced: Leptomastidea abnormis (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) = Leptomastix abnormis, Paraleptomastix abnormis, Tanaomastix abnormis


1924, 1925, 1926

Import source:

California, USA

Import notes:

Cameron et al. (1989) - between February 1924 and December 1926, five shipments of assorted mealybug [Pseudococcidae] natural enemies arrived in New Zealand from California, USA. The consignments contained natural enemies that were effective against mealybug pests (especially Pseudococcus citri) in California at the time. All imported individuals were placed in an insectary in Nelson, but none survived. Many, and sometimes all, were dead on arrival in New Zealand. There were no releases from these consignments. Leptomastidea abnormis was included in four of these consignments, arriving on 16 February 1924 (as Leptomastix abnormis), 9 June 1925 (as Paraleptomastix abnormis), 26 November 1925 (as P. abnormis) and 21 December 1926 (as Tanaomastix abnormis).


Cameron et al. (1989) - not released.


Cameron PJ, Hill RL, Bain J, Thomas WP (1989). A Review of Biological Control of Invertebrate Pests and Weeds in New Zealand 1874-1987. Technical Communication No 10. CAB International Institute of Biological Control. DSIR Entomology Division. 424p.