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Gerda · global eradication and response database

This database summarises incursion response and eradication programmes from around the world.

The scope of the database is terrestrial arthropod pests and plant pathogens. Weeds, vertebrate pests, aquatic pests, and animal diseases are not currently included. Read more about the scope and purposes of the database in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.

Number of eradication programmes per country

The database currently contains:

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Kean JM, Suckling DM, Sullivan NJ, Tobin PC, Stringer LD, Smith GR, Kimber B, Lee DC, Flores Vargas R, Fletcher J, Macbeth F, McCullough DG, Herms DA et al. 2024. Global eradication and response database. http://b3.net.nz/gerda (accessed 21 June 2024).

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