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GERDA · Global Eradication and Response Database

GERDA, the Global Eradication and Response Database, compiles information on historical and current eradication programmes to give biosecurity practitioners rapid access to international experience and expertise. Ultimately, the database aims to improve the success rate and efficiency of future eradication programmes by improving transfer of knowledge between eradication practitioners.

The scope of the database is terrestrial arthropod pests and plant pathogens. Weeds, vertebrate pests, aquatic pests, and animal diseases are not currently included.

The database has been designed to be readily accessed, and includes tools for filtering the data to isolate only the cases of interest to a user, and for graphing and analysing these data in different ways.

Through GERDA, biosecurity practitioners can access the hard-won experience of the past for informing current and future incursion responses and eradication programmes.

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