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Applying for general release or release with controls

Information required

Previous use as a biological control agent, and efficacy in that use

Previous use as a control agent elsewhere in the world will be one of the best predictors of the likely behaviour of a control agent on release in New Zealand. A world catalogue of control agents for weeds and their targets current to 1996 has been published by Julien et al. (1999), and information about all programmes can be accessed from this catalogue. Information about other biological control programmes is more dispersed. A database of projects conducted in New Zealand is under construction for this site. Literature and unpublished material produced in the past 20 years are likely to be accessible via web search engines, but the search results will not be comprehensive. Information from earlier documents will need to accessed via long-term abstracting services such as CAB Abstracts or BIOSIS (see above) or through CAB regional reviews such as Greathead (1971), Kelleher and Hulme (1984) and Cameron et al. (1989), or through primary published sources. Thompson and Simmonds (1964-1965) and Herting and Simmonds (1972) have published catalogues of the parasites and predators of the arthropods of the world.


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