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Applying to import into containment

Preparing to make an application

Approval can be sought from the EPA to import a new organism into an approved containment facility in New Zealand rather than for general release. The differences in approach between these types of application are explored below, and advice is provided on preparing an application for importation into containment alone.

Importation into containment may be an appropriate course of action for a number of reasons. For example, in the course of gathering the information required to complete an application for full release of a biological control agent, an applicant may need to obtain data that can only be obtained in New Zealand. It may be necessary to complete experiments on the host range of the biological control agent in New Zealand because the test species are only present here.

Import of a new organism into New Zealand requires both a HSNO Act approval from the EPA and an Import Permit or Import Health Standard (IHS) from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). If MPI have not already issued an import health standard for the organism then you will have to apply to MPI to have this standard developed. This can take longer than the HSNO Act approval from the EPA so it is worth talking to MPI early on in the process to ensure that you understand all of the regulatory requirements.

You can contact MPI at:

Ministry for Primary Industries
PO Box 2526
Phone: 0800 00 83 33
Fax: +64 4 894 0720
Email: []