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Applying for general release or release with controls

Pre-application consultation

Consultation with the EPA

The key relationship is with EPA staff []. Once you have confirmed that an application is pending, you will be assigned a New Organisms Advisor who will facilitate the application process. The EPA Maori Policy and Operations team will provide advice on consultation with Maori and developing dialogue with Iwi and Maori organisations.

Economic analysis of the benefits and costs of the proposed project is vital to a successful application. However, the nature and extent of that analysis will vary from case to case depending on the quality of the economic data available for analysis. There is little value in undertaking exhaustive analysis if the base data are poor or unreliable because the conclusions will be questionable. Consult EPA staff to discuss the level of analysis that is appropriate to the quantity and quality of the data available.

Strong evidence of the importance of the pest and the potential impact of the proposed biological control agents are powerful components of an application. If adequate information does not already exist, applicants should consider commissioning research in this area before the application is completed.