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Applying for general release or release with controls

Completing the general release and release with controls application forms

Here you will find information and helpful links to assist you to complete the EPA application form for the introduction and release of a new organism as a biological control agent:

Contact with the EPA

As early as possible in a biological control programme, potential applicants are strongly advised to enter into a dialogue with EPA staff to discuss the likely timeframe, the appropriate level and style of consultation, and the type and breadth of data that will be required for a successful application. It cannot be stressed strongly enough that early contact with the EPA will facilitate the process and avoid later delays if extra information is required.


Under Popular new organism topics [] you will find a list of biological control agents that have been approved, and the documentaion associated with them. It can be helpful to look at some examples of successful applications. Also, information on biological control releases that have been made in the past can be found in BCANZ [] where you can search either for species that have been introduced, or the targets of biological control introductions.