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Applying to import into containment

Completing the application form

Contact with the EPA

Once a control agent has been selected for introduction, applicants are strongly advised to contact [] and enter into a dialogue with EPA staff to discuss the likely timeframe, the appropriate level and style of consultation, and the type and breadth of data that will be required for an application.

An open and transparent consultation process is likely to expedite the consideration of an application. Most applications to the EPA for introduction of an biological control agent into containment will not be notified, and applicants will not need to consult widely. The EPA will advise on the appropriate level of consultation.

The iwi or hapu with mana whenua over the area in which the containment facility is situated should be consulted. Effective consultation before and during the application process is likely to reduce the level of opposition to the application, or if not, it will better inform the process, including consultation with Maori.

Unlike applications for release, the EPA normally deals with containment applications without public notification, and in a relatively short timeframe.