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Applying to import into containment

Pre-application consultation

Consultation with Iwi and Maori organisation

The HSNO Act requires the EPA to make informed decisions in relation to the interests of Maori, and it is the responsibility of the applicant to provide sufficient information to make that decision. This is discussed in detail in more detail in the section on preparation of an application for general or conditional release. A proposal to import a new organism into containment has significant impact only in the rohe (iwi district) [] where the containment facility is located. Formally consult with the hapu or iwi that exercises mana whenua over that region, according to EPA guidelines. It is likely that the facility operator already has an ongoing relationship with local hapu and iwi, and can provide guidance on who to contact. Ensure that concerns and questions raised during consultation are followed up appropriately, documented, and included in the application, along with a description of the consultation process.