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Applying for general release or release with controls

Completing the application forms

Sections of the application forms

Guidance given here relates to the forms for release applications [] and release with controls [] applications as indicated.

Section 1: Applicant details

Section 2: Information about the application

Section 2.1 asks for a 'brief application description'. You are asked for a brief statement about what you are applying to do. This statement will be used by the EPA as a short stand-alone descriptor, and should be of the form "...seeks approval to import to release (or release from containment) ... for the biological control of ...".

Section 2.2 asks for a plain English summary of what you want to do and why. So here you would expand on the statement above and explain further about the pest problem, current situation with management of the pest and how the introduction of this biological control agent will improve the options for pest management. There may be other aspects of the application that could be briefly covered here in non-technical language.

Section 2.3 requires a more detailed and technical account of the aims of the release in the context of the biological control programme, the environment into which it is intended to be released, the anticipated spread of the organism and intended outcome of the release.

Section 3: Information on the organism to be released (release and release with controls)

Section 3.1 requires the applicant to provide comprehensive information about the identity, biology and ecology of the biological control agent, so that it can adequately analyse the risks, costs and benefits associated with the biological control agent.

The applicant must provide an unequivocal identification of the biological control agent, including the higher taxonomic description from class to genus, and specify any distinct genotypes or strains involved.

Applicants should provide as much information as possible about the biological characteristics of the organism, including:

Section 3.2 ask whether the organism is subject to other legislation. This is generally not applicable to biological control organisms.

Section 4: Maori Engagement

Here it is necessary to discuss whether there has been any interaction with Maori about the application and if so, what the ourcomes of that engagement were. EPA should be consulted for advice in completing this section, but there is useful guidance information on the EPA website on Engaging with Maori for Applications to the EPA [].