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Post-release monitoring

Monitoring methods

Barratt et al. (2006) recently reviewed post-release monitoring research for biological control agents and provided guidelines. The guidelines are based on previously published information and case studies detailed in the same chapter. In practical terms, a logical method of evaluating non-target effects is to combine this with measuring target effects using similar methods as far as possible. This can be appropriate when target and potential non-target hosts are in the same environment: for example, in early post-release studies and in cases where the biological control agent is very immobile; however, impacts often extend beyond the target host environment, requiring a different approach.

These guidelines for post-release monitoring are taken from Barratt et al. (2006), and reproduced here with permission from CABI, Wallingford, UK.


Barratt B.I.P., Blossey B. and Hokkanen H.M.T. (2006). Post-release evaluation of non-target effects of biological control agents. Pp. 166-186 In: Environmental Impact of Arthropod Biological Control: Methods and Risk Assessment, U. Kuhlmann, F. Bigler and D. Babendreier (Ed.) CABI Bioscience, Delemont, Switzerland.