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Applying to import into containment

Pre-application consultation

Consultation with the Department of Conservation

Applicants are strongly advised to consult with the Department of Conservation about the application. Section 58 of the HSNO Act specifies that the Authority:

"Shall consult with all departments or Crown entities notified of the application in accordance with section 53 (4) of this Act and, where any application is for approval to import, develop, field test, or release a new organism, have particular regard to any submissions made by the Department of Conservation."

Consequently, DOC needs to advise the Authority so that possible impacts on New Zealand's conservation estate, native flora or fauna (directly or indirectly) which are likely to result from the introduction of a new organism are fully considered. A fuller discussion of DOC's role can be found in the section on preparation of an application for general or conditional release. Unless staff perceive a particular threat posed by the proposed biological control agent, DOC is unlikely to have major input into the consideration of a containment application. Nevertheless applicants are recommended to advise DOC of any impending application.

Department of Conservation
Conservation House
PO Box 10-420, 18-32 Manners Street
Wellington 6011